Thank you for choosing Taskforce for your needs.  We feel privileged and are excited about the opportunity to work with you.

Per our approach, we require a valid credit or debit card to have on file for your organization.  Your card will not be charged right now or without your prior approval.  Please review our FAQs below about how and why we do this.

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Why do you need a credit card to start the project?
We have found that having a card on file serves as a great convenience to our clients and to Taskforce.  Specifically, automatic billing, when agreed to, of smaller projects.  And in rare cases, as protection for Taskforce for delinquent payments.

What if I am one day late on my payment?  Will you automatically charge my card?
Generally, no.  Please do not be late on your payments.  If your payment is late, a Taskforce team member will reach out to remind you and discuss if you need any help.  We all overlook things.

Can I still pay with check or ACH or other means?
Yes, of course.  And we prefer our clients to use their preferred payment method. At the start of the engagement, we will discuss the best payments options that work for your business.

When exactly will you use the credit card?
Once there is an active engagement with Taskforce, if in a given month total charges are less than $500 and unless other arrangements are made, we will charge the credit card 16 days after the invoice and work items are sent.  That is, Taskforce makes sure our clients receive a proper invoice, have time to review, and submit payment through other methods.  Clients are welcome to authorize us to automatically charge the card on file based on their preferences.

What if you charge my card without my knowledge?
We won’t.

What if I have more questions?
Just contact us and let’s talk through it.