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We Are Thinkific Experts.
We Create, Market and Sell Your Courses.

We focus on creating experiences that lead to happier students, higher revenues,
and greater retention.

Why Do You Need Help From Taskforce,
A Thinkific Expert?

Design perfect courses that entertain, educate, and enrich your students.

Designing the perfect course is not just about putting together a profusion of information or content. It’s about crafting experiences that focus on learning. As Thinkific experts, we know the various learning tools Thinkific offers that can be utilized for captivating your audience and building on the experience.

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As Thinkific partners, we build websites powered by a marketing funnel to engage, convert and retain your audience.

Thinkific customers have sold more than $200 Million in courses and we have definitely contributed to that. We know how Thinkific works and how to use Thinkific to customize every element to build a flawless user experience that nudges your audience towards conversion.

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Fill up your classes through our
tried and tested marketing campaigns…

Reinventing the wheel has its benefits, but as Thinkific partners, we have built many fail-proof plans on how to get your target audience to join your courses and how to retain them, so you don’t have to waste your time

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Set up any APIs you may need for
end-to-end monitoring and controlling
of your website.

Countless functionalities are available on Thinkific. Believe us, you should spend your time and energy in doing what you are best at – coaching, teaching, and building your education empire. And let us take care of the rest.

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Our Offerings


Thinkific Audit

  • A complete review of your
    thinkific setup.
  • A complete review of your
    current sales page, home page,
    integration and marketing
    funnel implementation.
  • Customised recommendations
    and a checklist ready for

Course Review + Thinkific Audit & Optimization

  • A complete review of your thinkific
    setup, your current courses, pages,
    and overall platform experience.
  • A strategic assessment of your
    overall student experience,
    administrative workflow, and
    marketing strategies.
  • A 90 min strategic consultation to
    determine best strategies for you to
    best utilize thinkific to build your
  • A customized digital production and
    marketing plan and implementation

Full Course and Thinkific Setup

  • A 90 minute production
    work session to review the
    production elements needed to
    build an optimized thinkific site
    and course.
  • 1 Core instructor set up.
  • Promotional coupons set up.
  • Customized notifications based
    on work session notes.
  • Enable student reviews.
  • Design and development of
    home page.

Case Studies

Our Thinkific experts have helped build education empires for our clients.

Impact Ministries / Drjimrichards

Go on a personal development journey with the best selling author, dr. jim richards

Haven eLearn

Learn about residential construction with Haven in partnership with homeowner association vancouver

Dominic Hassall Training Institute

Go on a personal development journey with the best selling author, dr. jim richards


Build amazing youtube videos with tim schmoyer, youtube certified expert


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We have built some of the best thinkific experiences, so let us transform your thinkific website for high end
branding, maximum sales and user retention.