Education is the key to success. Let Taskforce help you get started.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom wanting to share your knowledge with the world, or a large corporation with the desire to have automated employee training, Taskforce can get you started.

Start a new home business, created brand and product awareness, or set up training programs for employees.

Success is in the training.

Since the pandemic, many businesses and people have had to learn different methods of survival – do more with less, or look for other revenue streams. Thinkific and Taskforce can help you meet your training goals whether it be upstream, or downstream. Get started today!

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TASKFORCE are THINKIFIC experts and can provide everything you need to run your education business quickly and economically.

► Setup and build your courses
► Advice on video equipment and usage
► Design your course site
► Market and sell your courses
► Support you and your students