About Us

Taskforce Founder

Hi, my name is Travis Priest. I’m a serial entrepreneur and business builder. I’ve founded several companies and created new products that solved unmet market needs and led to acquisitions by Symantec and Mercury Payment Systems. I build companies, award-winning products, and high performance teams. I hold 3 patents.

I currently hold several positions: Computer Science Department Advisory Board Member at Old Dominion University, Taskforce CEO, and Entrepreneur in Residence at Vocap Investment Partners, a boutique Venture Capital firm. With a 20+ year track record of success, I now generally focus my consulting efforts on companies that have recently completed their Series A or B funding rounds and are ready to scale their businesses to support the “hockey stick” of high growth. I consult CEO’s, CTO’s, and CMO’s of these high-growth companies when I’m not building Taskforce.

Why Taskforce

I am building Taskforce to answer the need for affordable but high-quality professional services in the marketing automation, operations, product creation, and data science space. I regularly consult executive management in Series A & B ($3M - $20M investment capital) companies valued at $50-$250M. I take the best (and worst!) of the lessons learned at this stage and apply them elsewhere, training the Taskforce Team on what works, what doesn’t, and what’s most cost-effective.

This means you get the same level of expertise used by these rapidly-growing companies at a lower cost as Taskforce commoditizes the best techniques to a scale that makes sense. I think there’s a large niche of businesses, like yours, that need this type of service. Hence, Taskforce.

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